Office 365 & Exchange Online

Microsoft features highly efficient package of cloud-based service and office application for business needs.

Wing Logic offers its customers installation and setup of this suite with further maintenance and support. Exchange Online is a cloud-based product that features email and calendar services, while Office 365 is a traditional Microsoft’s office suite for efficient collaborative work. Being Microsoft’s direct partner, Wing Logic is an official Office 265 UAE provider. We offer high flexibility and performance for your business needs.

The Advantages of Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions and Exchange Online

There are many reasons, why corporate users move to Microsoft Exchange Online. First of all, it allows working with emails regardless of location. Whenever you or other employees are, there is always a direct and quick access to mailbox and calendar. It brings the following capabilities:

  • Security and reliability: the data on mailboxes is secured from malware, spam and other threats. Special mechanisms even prevent sending corporate mails to third-parties. Moreover, backup servers located all over the world eliminate data loss;
  • Simplicity and comfort of use: currently managing emails requires much less efforts thanks to automatic correction function in Exchange Online Microsoft product. It is possible to access mailbox, contacts and calendar via any web-browser and any device connected to the Internet;
  • Excellent management capabilities: while you spend the computing resources of Microsoft, locating your emails and other data on its servers, you still have full control under these resources. Highly comfortable Microsoft Exchange Online interface gives secured access to numerous services and applications.

CloudBased Office Solution

Microsoft offers standard Office applications available as a cloud-based service.

Currently Microsoft cloud solutions are popular both for home and corporate needs. Wing Logic provides quick configuration of this package for any customer’s purpose. It is better than standard Microsoft Office apps due to a few reasons:

  • Office 365 is always on hand: you don’t need to have a computer to access your applications. It is possible to work from any device and any platform;
  • After Office 365 setup it is updated automatically. The user has access to the latest versions of Word, PowerPoint and the rest of apps;
  • Office 365 offers more features for the same price that means much more beneficial investment for business.

Thanks Office 365 Dubai provider you can quickly move to this advantageous cloud-based enterprise solution and get ultimate technical support for comfortable and efficient operation. There are different subscription plans to choose from, and we will help you to define the best option!


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