Dedicated & VPS Server

Virtual private server provides powerful resources for hosting data (websites, databases, etc.), being a virtualized copy of a dedicated server. Wing Logic recommends to buy VPS server for further needs:

HP Servers & Pavilion dv6 in UAE

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  • Moving your website from low-quality shared hosting to more reliable and powerful environment;
  • Upgrade the existing VPS account for better operation speed and bigger memory space.

VPS gives much better flexibility compared to traditional shared hosting service, but it still implies sharing the resources of one hardware server machine between different users. If your website or commercial database requires more resources for its operation, it makes sense to consider reliable dedicated servers as a worthy alternative for an upgrade.

Dedicated Server Benefits

The biggest advantage of a dedicated server machine is the sole ownership of its capacity by one owner. It means no sharing resources with other owners, unlimited setup capabilities and ultimate control under its performance. Wing Logic offers reliable dedicated hosting servers in the best reputed data centers of the world. If you value privacy and independency, and have data resources that require the most powerful hosting solution, than it makes sense to upgrade to such server. Compared to VPS dedicated server it has bigger price that is fully justified by its advantages.

Choosing Server Software

Wing Logic pays much attention to choosing the best hardware and software for customer’s needs. Purchasing a VPS server, you have a choice of operating system: you can purchase a VPS Linux server with an open-source Linux OS. In this case you will not need to pay for server software. Purchasing a VPS Windows server implies using paid operating system and software. The choice of proper technology depends on specific needs and preferences.

Wing Logic technical support specialists are responsible for proper server setup and configuration, installing required software elements for server management. While purchasing a Windows server implies Microsoft technical support for each customer, a VPS Linux server doesn’t imply the support service. We will help you to get familiar with server administration and maintenance, or take the entire job related to server management upon ourselves.


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