Backup & Data Protection

Protecting data from numerous threads is highly important for any business, as commercial information is a valuable resource that should be secured from loss, stealing, unauthorized modification and other damage.

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Wing Logic has many years of experience in deploying highly efficient enterprise data backup solutions alongside with other protection mechanisms that in complex provide the desired level of security. We offer custom data security systems on individual design that utilize the latest innovations in this sphere together with traditional, time-proven techniques.

Hardware and Software Solutions

Full data protection is possible in case of combination of hardware and software means. Modern backup hardware solutions are backup data servers and hard drives of different capacity. Alongside with backup and recovery software they provide real-time data archiving and backup with easy data recovery mechanisms. Such backup storage solutions are usually in-house, installed in the customer’s data center or office. They help to:

  • Keep the data flow backed up in the real-time mode;
  • Easy restore data from backup copies in case of any system failure;
  • Reduce risks of financial losses due to the loss of important commercial restoration;
  • Reduce time required for data system recovery;
  • Automate backup and protection processes;
  • Minimize risks related to the human factor.

Wing Logic is highly flexible in the solutions they offer, understanding that specific business infrastructures need individual configuration of backup and recovery systems. Our hardware backup solutions are very flexible and scalable that helps to adjust them for smooth operation on a specific enterprise. The equipment we use is compatible with all modern server systems that means minimal expenses required for integrating efficient data recovery and protection tools.


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